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Watchdogs of Southeastern PA (WaSePA) will provide watchdog services, support, education and resources to our communities most greatly affected by the Pennsylvania petrochemical build out, with primary emphasis on fighting petrochemical and fracking infrastructure, proposed LNG facilities, CO2 pipelines, CCUS, and proposed hydrogen hubs. Our mission is to advocate for the health and safety of the residents and to educate the community on the environmental harms and pollution of the petrochemical industry expansion, with primary emphasis on the marginalized communities most affected. We advocate for all communities to have fair treatment, resources, and legal avenues for enforcement of environmental laws regardless of economical status, race, color, or national origin. We will share our resources and knowledge that we have gained over the past five years as volunteer watchdogs, documenting the petrochemical build out and widespread violations with the Mariner East Pipelines construction. We will provide education and support on how to report violations, and how to defend our PA constitutional right to pristine water and clean air to fight the Pennsylvania petrochemical expansion. We will use our developed network of resources to include: academia, research oriented organizations, NGOs, legislators, and grassroots partners to provide resources and empower individuals to create positive change in our most highly impacted communities. We believe through active listening, disseminating data, sharing success stories, and promoting other grassroot activities we validate our individual and collective concerns of sustainability. Our educational backgrounds as health care providers (occupational therapist) and scientists compliment our watchdog experiences to help better serve our greatly impacted and underserved communities. We want to empower others in their communities to create change for a healthy and safe living environment.

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